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  • Linda Flanders

Cleaning Up the Mississippi River

Well, my ROCKY moment came and went. I did the project and filmed my progress. Sadly, it wasn't a very impressive pre/post example, but I did have a good time amidst my struggles. You can view the four boxing videos on my Youtube Channel: Lightcrusader2. lightcrusader2 - YouTube

Next: In June 2022, I began working locally on cleaning up the Mississippi River. I discovered it was #6 on the top 10 most endangered rivers' list. No way! So I gathered local people who wanted the same vision; and we cleaned up one area, plus made videos about the essential need to clean up the "lifeblood of the heartland". What do we think is going to happen if the "lifeblood of the heartland" goes under??? Like we don't have enough problems! The worst part is we did it to ourselves. We're a mess. We're slobs. I did research and wrote up a simple case for support. I had coffee with local decision makers to make sure we all had the same vision (a clean river) and then we planned an awareness campaign (5 short videos, 3 newspaper articles, social media posts) and a river clean up. Plus, Pack In/Pack Out signs in three languages. You can watch the videos as we create them on the Lightcrusader2 Youtube Channel: lightcrusader2 - YouTube

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